Follow up of “Asus=Epic fail logic”

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08/02/2010 by The Sorcerer

Rants continued from here… I love lurking around the forums, it gets information pretty effectively if one does it right!!!

So Asus has shown one of the packages of one of their radioactive-free motherboard, the asus protek (or is it prutek but if its says protek, sorry to say it looks more like a condom ad campaign, which is also the same conclusion on the S-A forums) 3.0:

Yeah, ddr2 and drr3 support but they are actually Intel G41 and nv 630a boards so people can check out the chipset limitations on respected sites. Perfect marketing sentences for the “futureproof” advisors. Bet we will have environmental advisors as well and then maybe vegetarian boards. Sarcastic it might be, but asus and nvidia seem to be on a mission to create a whole new universe.

All thanks to TheLostSwede of the semi-accurate forums. BTW, don’t let the name of the site fool you, most of the “semi-accurate” news turn out to be true. Anyways its more “entertaining” than FUD IMHO. A press release for these series is put up in tweaktown. They are nothing but just G41 and NV630a boards, same recycled shit with couple of (maybe) phase power control or some other components that take lesser power but greatly over exaggerated.

I guess Asus and nvidia have the same marketing and advertisement team. While its always great to see companies jumping on the “green” bandwagon, over-exaggeration need to be curbed, atleast companies should do that without being told.

Another member, TripleA, made a pretty good comment and I quote:

I cannot help but feel sorry for those who will be fooled by the marketing. I’m sure that the boards are not any worse than others on the market, mind. It’s just that they will certainly cost more. And almost certainly the buyers would have been better off investing in, say, a better PSU. It does not have to be a whizz-bang model with a zillion LEDs (actually, I feel such models are unprofessionally designed and they inspire non-confidence in me. But that’s another subject), just a good basic model would do. I cannot speak for the Indian market, but the price difference between a basic craptastic PSU and basic PSU with APFC (brown-outs are suddenly a non-event, with this) and acceptable quality in the Jordanian market is just US$10…

Unfortunately, you can’t make horse out of donkeys, then again, such marketing has to be gunned down.  Will/Can they be gunned down, I don’t know. In any case, prevention is better than cure.


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