Asus= Epic fail logic


04/02/2010 by The Sorcerer

Some of you remember Asus P5kPL Am/PS board? Long story made short, the board has the technology safeguard the motherboard from power fluctuations with the help of three important attributes such as over-voltage protection, short circuit protection and power-good signal generation because they come with solid caps-aka “Anti Power Surge technology”.

Epic fail- no not yet.

So what’s the big deal about solid caps? Most of the newer boards come with it and also with phase power, why is this board being mentioned here?

Simple, it comes with a really large load of bullshit. Asus claims that this board can be used with any shitty power supplies and it comes with “Burnt Warranty” through banners and posters in retails stores & through some Indian review(?) sites like techtree (ooh lookie lookie, they even put up an ass kissing publicity about it over here ), tech2 and express channel business to name a few. But here’s the catch, they did not mention it on their website- nor on the specs nor on the online (usually updated manual). I did a bit of a search on Asus India’s website and there was no information giving a direct sign of anything remotely close to the words “Burnt warranty”. What I did find from here is

it can provide a reliable power supply environment for you and protect the motherboard when power supply is in short circuit or over voltage.

So according to Asus India, if the power supply has voltage fluctuations which could lead to short circuit or over voltage, the board will “take care of it”. Now if a person who doesn’t know anything/less/half of anything about computer hardware will have a royal “OMGWOW” moment, I would if I was a hardware n00b.

But Asus’ marketing team made a marketing blooper. Techtree, a review site which was/is famous for stealing the creative EP-630 review and replaced words like “London underground” to “Mumbai Local” seem to be advertising companies in the form of reviews these days.  What techtree claimed (and I quote):

One of the worst enemies of PC electronic components is power surge, which usually occur due to irregularities in the power supply from the mains. They can also happen during a thunderstorm due to lightning. Power surges can destroy the motherboard, and also other components attached to it. To address this problem (at least for the PC), Asus has launched the P5KLP-AMPS motherboard featuring surge protection, thanks to Japanese 5000 hrs conductive polymer solid capacitors in VRM.

I am no electrical engineer, but I don’t need to be an electrical engineer to know that a power supply converts AC to DC power and they come with surge protection (the good enough ones anyways). You don’t need to be a genius to acknowledge that you aren’t supposed to use any electric items during thunderstorm, its something which I know since school and I am pretty sure the sample applies for others.

Lets assume that the claim made by asus is true in our universe for the moment, to the core, it’s still not going to protect your system. You use the 24 pin connector and atx connector to power your board and the processor and molex/sata/pcie connectors power peripherals, hard drives and graphic cards. There’s no magical way to connect them to the board and then to the respected hardware. If it protects the board, what about other components?

Asus clearly mentions on their online manual in small letters that their board is not responsible for any losses, even businesses, should the system goes bad. Asus also says that the socket damage is not covered on the warranty. So if the processor gets burnt and so does the motherboard socket, you not only break your head to get a new processor, but also the new board. Why? Asus mentioned it on the manual. So tell us Asus, what the point of a “burnt” warranty? What “anti surge protection technology” does it have? FYI, anti surge protection is a job of psu and most of the good enough now available power supplies have them. If there any instability, they simply turn off or don’t even start. There was this one time some idiot managed to connect pcie power connector on the atx connector. Luckily, thanks to the surge protection, the system didn’t even start, or else good-bye pc!!

It’s not over yet. Techtree, a part UTV network, seem to have hired a bunch of monkeys. It’s clearly mentioned on techtree’s review and I quote:

The price seems to be very good and we are sure that most entry-level buyers would agree with us that Rs. 2,800 is not asking for too much for a motherboard that comes with a five-year warranty.

Yes you heard it right. But is it true- NO. I checked on new egg and it clearly shows 3 years manufacturer’s warranty. I also checked with Rashi peripherals who does major distribution for asus products (there is one small time sub distri in Delhi, who’s main distri is rashi :P) and they said its 3 years. If you check the last line of the techtree review, it clearly says they got the testing sample from Asus directly. So, were they smoking weed when they were writing this.

Epic fail- no not yet. Here comes the interesting part.

Asus loves their customers so much that they want to make sure your dog won’t end up having a 1 eye on its forehead

Why? Ladies and gentlemen. I present you not 1, not 2 and not 3 but no less than 6 motherboards which will have the “ground..err..breaking” low “radiation” motherboard in their press release.

ASUS has set a new standard in total motherboard protection with the launch of the ASUS Protect 3.0 Design based on Xtreme Design, which helps protect the earth, systems, and users. Equipped with intelligent anti-radiation shielding, the technology lowers the generation and transmission of harmful radiation by up to 50%—offering the lowest electromagnetic emissions from a motherboard in the industry. This lowers the adverse health impact to users and delivers more stable system operations. Additionally, active anti-surge protection helps enhance component and system longevity. Protect 3.0 also includes the ASUS EPU (Energy Processing Unit) chip to reduce system-wide power consumption by up to 80.23%* and to ensure a more environmentally sustainable operation.

It’s “cute” to see Asus throwing in the anti-surge garbage with the low radiation amd CO2 (no shit, seriously) garbage. Damn if they only came with “You smoke those ciggies, then you will be dead” sticker. FYI to people, as its mentioned on semi accurate and most of us know, most of the reputed manufacturers are not even allowed to ship any boards if it will affect you. There are certifications given to ensure they don’t emit high radiation. So either the certification and load of tests are crap (usually no, I think EU has strong policies against it) or asus simply have gone mad because motherboard manufacturers like gigabyte offer better value and package.

This is wrong. What asus doing is wrong. What review sites (we know they are crappy, but people who google out the reviews will see techtree right on top and they fall under the assumption that the claims/reviews are real and unadulterated, unlike you and me) doing is wrong. Question is no about the cost of the board. Even if you sell it for 2.5k, it’s still fraud.  Asus P5kPL Am/PS is just the beginning. Its not an easy job for reviewers to keep readers and company’s happy all the time. Unfortunately such review sites become sellouts to earn a quick buck. Beware!!! If users are not smart enough and don’t pay to those marketing gimmicks, it will simply encourage hardware manufacturers to make such bizarre claims. As it is dealers/assemblers make such claims, but if company’s makes such bullshit, its going to be difficult to point out actual facts.

Now- its epic fail!!!


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