Thermalpastes, lies and heatsinks!


14/01/2010 by The Sorcerer

Let us take a moment to lol at this doodle. No hard feelings hell_storm2004, but this is way too funny to be ignored!

Thermal pastes are not much talked compared to heatsinks, but its also twisted dramatically and over-exaggerated. Examples are many, one of them mistakenly calling thermal pastes as glue.  Don’t believe me? You can check it out yourself by clicking here

“2) Check Processor again (proper installation with heatsink & some glue… at least my P4 have some black color clay type material in between heatsink & processor surface)”


Heatsinks and fans, really big and mean looking ones! But real men don’t buy for the looks :P. Then again, many buy for looks and after they get “bored” of an aftermarket cooler, get sell it off and get rid of it. Don’t believe me? Then you haven’t met anks22402 or seen this greatness over here! Maybe there’s a study out there that shopping and selling in such manner reflects impotency >_>? Lets talk about the ways kids talk about heatsinks, and when I mean kids, I don’t necessarily mean by age, by their extremely limited to knowledge and skills.

The first thing I usually see these days is that a n00b advises another n00b is that they recommend heatsinks upgrade straightaway whenever a CPU temps are high- no matter which Indian tech forums you go to! Even for non-overclockers. Oh goodie!! One blind man guiding another blind man, that’s brilliant!! With people like these samples, who need unethical dealers to spin web of lies!

They don’t have the brains to ask the entire config nor ask which case and case fans, ambience, which psu, ambience, about the thermal paste, etc. But there are also people who try to vindicate their purchase for an aftermarket cooler compared to an alternative being presented by others members and they succumb to any extremes in proving one wrong. An example you say? Prime example is this. I don’t know whom to blame, the purchasers with such mentality or blame such idiots who advice others- like this one.


2 thoughts on “Thermalpastes, lies and heatsinks!

  1. vegeto says:

    recently we (me and my friend ) went to buy thermalpaste and we asked for arctic paste .they said “bekaar haine humne nahi sunna inke barrein mein.20 rs wala paste le jao bahut acha haine”

    • The Sorcerer says:

      That’s because we don’t have that many good sellers who know what they are selling. In Mumbai we have Prime ABGB, and theitwares, In Chennai, I think its IT Depot, In Bangalore, its most likely computer warehouse and Golchas and in Delhi- SMC hands down.

      If you’re not in these cities, ordering from them online is the only way to go.

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