The meet with “The Doctor”


12/01/2010 by The Sorcerer

We met medpal 😀

Indeed we did!!!

I, aces170, viralbug, bikenstein and nukeu666 went for a dinner at 5 spice, Saki Naka. Yeah!! Dinner @ Andheri east! I reached over there via Bus in an hour’s time, although I chose to walk from Marol Naka since there was a lot of traffic over there and its a lot faster to reach when you walk. Horrible, horrible traffic.

We had a pretty good time but we wanted to have the infamous “mission impossible”. Its like- the biggest dessert they have!Only what they had was “Death by a chocolate” which I and viralbug along with bikey and the doc ..

…but aces had a cake! YES!! We had a cake. More specifically, it was Aces170 who had the cake

Although it looks as if aces has the doubts about the cake >_>. It’s a strawberry cheesecake. So I guess it doesn’t count!

Speaking of cheesecakes, I like cheesecakes, but not mom. Mom thinks that it takes more like whipped cream and a jam on top :-\. But then again, many bakeries do that and make it obvious. I am pretty sure a day will come when I would see a place who serves strawberry cheesecakes- like this!!!!

Now this cheesecake doesn’t look like jam over whipped cream, nor it looks as if someone taken a making mould, filled it with whipped cream and threw in the strawberries. I mean, how on earth will you earth the  strawberries which are not chopped and the cake at the same time >_>”. This one has a crust with the part which looks like a cheesecake and strawberries!!!!

This cake, dude, is unfortunately a lie as its taken from google 😐

What would be the reaction? Well probably..

…pretty much the same reaction as viralbug’s expression, especially after knowing that there is no “Mission impossible” left.


2 thoughts on “The meet with “The Doctor”

  1. Sathya says:

    Why did you delete the previous post – “The meet with “The Doctor” and the nostalgia: The chennai Chip meet!” ?
    Split it into 2 posts ? BTW – enable full feeds Goto Settings -> Reading -> For each article in a feed, show – >Full text

  2. ehh ehh!!!! Lwt me get used to this first >_<

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