Fools rush in where angels fear to tread!!


11/01/2010 by The Sorcerer

I am pretty sure people know about Amarbir, the owner of Well he was pretty famous for his horrible writing skills, mixed reactions from people- even regular buyers and price. Is he genuine? But these days, people ask me “Are the deals in TE genuine and from a proper source?”

There were times when people asked if he was genuine or not, I would give alternatives and not making a direct comment. IMO, when I recommended couple of people to lynx-India, it made them end up stomp their feet angrily and more specifically called him “A liar”! I didn’t want to make a big issue out of it so I recommend prime abgb most of the times. I am glad that I did so even its been more than 10 months before I even recommended that site!!

Amarbir started a GO (group order) for “OEM version” of the EP-630 over here. The cost? 400 bucks+ shipping? The catch? Yup!

I don’t know how much they cost now, but more than a year ago when I got mine, it’s for 800 bucks with warranty, bill and a proper box. Amarbir was selling these EP-630 without any bill or a proper manufacturer’s packaging. At first I thought it would be EP-430s or 610s (something like that) and Amarbir perhaps without(?) knowing he is selling them.I PMed the mods- how on earth are they allowing a registered dealer to sell something without warranty or a proper packaging?

Meanwhile, I sent this PM to ocizer who made the following point over here:

“these ep-630 are real i’ve got them yesterday though i did not listen to any ep-630 before”

Born genius!! Without original packaging and bill or not even listening to one before, how did this guy determine it is the EP-630?I PMed him rather than threadcrapping it:

“I am asking this question purely out of curiosity.

How can you say its ep 630 and not 610? As far as I heard, dell bundles some series of their laptop with ep 610, hence OEM and judging by pictures by googling it out, ep 610s made for dell. So I needed to know since you have said  yesterday, how can be sure that its ep 610 and not ep 630?

And yes I have confirmed with 2-3 dell owners that they did get ep 610 black which was bundled with their laptops but these were 8-10 months old.”

Without acknowledging it, he says the following with great amount of ignorance and says:

“i shared what i know dude”

YOU IDIOT!!! No I didn’t say that. Rather I replied in a sweeter language:

“You haven’t answered my question though. Without the packaging or any indication on the earphone and without bill (hench no warranty), how can you say its ep 630? The reason I am asking you is simple, to make sure that people know what they are buying. If you feel “offended/alienated” by such question, no need to reply further.

I just asked the question purely out of curiosity so that people will know what they are paying for and not being cheated, if they are cheated. If a user wont help another user, how will one know about the product?”

Answer? Nothing. I am pretty sure he decided to ignore the message to comfort himself that these are real, but these aren’t. I did PM this to the mods, but they needed proof. HELLO!!! No original package, No warranty- no package. Isn’t this proof enough to atleast make the mods/admins ask amarbir to prove that its the genuine stuff? This ain’t EBAY!

Amarbir made these comments on the forum:

“But For 400 a Pair You Cannot Expect Anything More ,No Idea Of Fake Or Original and even If They Call The Same Fake We Can Sell The Same As IEM Earphones ,For The Sound They Have It’s Not Bad ,Fake And Non Fake Are Debatable Words”

I am not questioning Amarbir’s genuineness, he is a shady character and proved it at some point or the other. But what the hell is wrong with mods and admins at TE? Have they lost their minds? This is complete bullshit!! They just let a dealer to sell stuff without any proper warranty? Last time I remember, they didn’t make KMD as official dealer till the time they were absolutely sure about the way he does business! Now what happened? Did they turned out to be bunch of sellouts or became puppets or made an error?

Recently, I got an info from someone who wanted to replace his sister’s broken ep 630 and he also has ep 43o specifically said that these sets are none of the 2 or even sounded as one. However, the damage is done. Amarbir cleared out his “OEM packs” long time ago. People who are ignorant are not only born idiots but also victims and also victimizing others by giving him positive feedback. This is why one shouldn’t trust rave user’s reviews unless they have clearly shown some indication that they have checked the stuff properly!

Do you want to deal with amarbir? You decide! Its pretty obvious that dealers have started using n00bs as their pawns and instruments of free advertisement & publicity, not just in 1 forum, but in multiple. As far as techenclave, as a forum, be alert! Be alert for anything infact, whether buying online, in the shops- whether following one’s comment or from a close friend. We’re in a country where there are only handful of people know what is what. If something that you get is way cheaper than the usual market price, there will always be a catch.

As for techenclave, I love the forums, but I hate the way its going down this way. I rather see a community going down in a blaze of glory rather than selling their own soul!


5 thoughts on “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread!!

  1. ambar_hitman says:

    Well whenever someone sells something at half the market price, only an idiot will believe that.

    • Sathya says:

      Unfortunately lot of the folks look at price above all. Fake at half, quarter price – so what? If it lasts 1 year, good else I’ll pick up the same crap again – that’s the kind of mentality most folks have. A quick drop at most forums will show the same

  2. If people keep that mentality, we will always get substandard goods and the standard goods will be sold in double the price. We will be going back to the dark ages where would end up smelling their hardware before buying one.

  3. Saqib says:

    I too think they should be fake, but who’s going to start a debate on that. And yes, mostly dealers never reply, that happened with me many times.

  4. […] haven’t read/don’t recall, this is somewhat a follow-up of my previous blog post “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread!!!” and yes this time amarbir is facing a lot of gunshots from more than one member- this time […]

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