The Anand Shimpi meet!!


10/01/2010 by The Sorcerer

BIKeINSTEIN written about a pretty good stuff about the Anand Shimpi meet which happened in Mumbai pretty recently over here.  Although he could have enabled spell check AND CHECK MY NICKNAME’S DAMNED SPELLING! Just so that people would know, TE members weren’t the only lot who came here, there were few people who did come to meet Anand who weren’t in any forums/much into forums! I, Harshal, Bikey and Kunal (Harshal’s friend) travelled together.

For those who are in technical forums or read technical reviews don’t know who Anand Shimpi, I am sure you guys will now when I say that he is the one who started!

So, far as what I could recall from the meet, we came inside inside the Ramada Powai. There were 2 people, Anand Shimpi (obviously) and some guy who was mimicking an American accent, so I (and I think Harshal and maybe bikey did but I am not too sure) assumed maybe he was Anand, later turned out he wasn’t.

Why fake an American accent? Dunno and don’t care. Just so that the readers will know, never fake one’s accent. You’re simply mimicking the same accent of a person who is speaking with the same accent for almost his entire life. Many people (I am sure Indians do when foreigners mimick our accent) might take it lightly and tell to themselves “Ignore the fool! Concentrate on the cake!” or even take this very offensively and even as a personal insult. As long as what you say is clear, accent is irrelevant.

So the crowd started to grow:

Oh yeah, there’s one thing great about the forum meets, they do seem to piss off the restaurant/hotel staff, atleast as far as TE’s meet is concerned. We later moved to the poolside where we had a chance to meet Anand’s parents. The pool looked pretty much most of the pool in a 5 star restaurant would have, except later we turned out to be dinner for the mosquitoes.

The people from TE who did come for the meet was Rohan, Sumeet, Aditya, Ananth, avijit, Igo, Amey who came all the way from Pune, thexfactor and gaganjain. I am pretty sure I asked zoombas from Chip forums, but he had some other plans.Before I say what did we talk about, let me make you read the entire story and squeal at the same time by saying that OCZ sent some stuff with Anand as a giveway, 2 of them of which was 60GB and 40GB ocz SSD drives. If you are lurking around the tech forums and are in Mumbai or somewhere near, YOU FAIL!!!!11 Its pretty tempting to see this happening here since giveaway (even rams, let alone SSDs and what not!)

As bikey said, Some key topics discussed were-
* How he began, way before AnandTech happened
* The story behind AnandTech
* The guiding principles of AnandTech and how it is different from the many others, a lot of whom are no more now.
* The “business” of running Tech sites and how it can be a disservice to the tech community.
* Some of the key people behind AnandTech and their contribution
* The joy of keeping AnandTech running truthfully inspite of various pressures/challenges and some related incidents.
* AnandTech’s commitment to uplholding reader’s interests and continuing to fight for the same.
* Responsibility of hardware manufacturers towards users to providing quality products, irrespective of the segment they belong to.
* lack of innovation in the industry today- a frightful reality and why it is necessary to keep innovating, for the sake of innovation
* Motherboards and manufacturers- the past, the present and our expectations.
* Larrabee- the good, the bad and what next.
* Consoles(gaming) in general- PS3, Xbox360, the success of wii, cell chips, …
* Proposal of a common spec platform for gaming for greater good, making single manufacturer consoles obsolete
* x86, the past, present and future
* AMD- hits and misses and where to now
* AMD Bulldozer
* Intel, Lynnfield, Nehalem
* Power saving in new gen harware like Nehalem
* Apple, macbooks and related
* OCZ, past and now and memory businesses in general
* the power of a present day GPU and the stark reality of how underutilised it is or how untapped the available potential is.
* Nvidia, ATI- products, SLi/CF,, driver development the future
* Intel Atom- how it happened, why is it so and what next
* smartphones, the technology behind them and how unsmart they and we are.

What did he miss? We talked about msi big bang that was showcased in msi’s recent overclocking tournament and that he is a star trek fan, which probably would make James Kirk happy! I know it made me happy :D. Then again, majority of the people are fans of star trek, and plan to make most of it as reality.

So, what was the giveaway?

The other guests i mentioned of earlier in the teaser- courtesy OCZ Technology and –
A 60GB OCZ SSD, 30GB OCZ SSD, 4GB OCZ Reaper HPC DDR2 kit2 sets of OCZ Platinum DDR3 kits2 sets of 2GB OCZ microSD cards, 4 AnandTech original edition tees!!
and 3 “Team ocz” overclocker tees! Oh yeah there were lot of anandtech pens- red and mintgreen. Red was in lesser quantity, probably because for the time being ati is bashing nvidia!

So who were the lucky dogs? Igo got the 60GB SSD whereas a non-te member got a 40GB version. The reaction? Well what would one expect?

Igo with all smiles and reminds me of the joker whereas Harshal is keeping an eye on the 40GB (i think).

Don’t know his name, but he was so suprised, it distracted him from holding the drivefor the pic. Yes! You got zhe precious!!

Bikey seem to have a firm hold of Anand’s arm! But out of the lot, Bikey was the most enthusiastic about this meet!!! Dear lord I hate my pics >_<“

Harshal got zhe micro SD cards, although he did wish he would have won one of the SSDs.

And me? Well I got zhe tees

Good….GOD!!!! Will my pics EVER LOOK GOOD >_<“

A good meet. Something that should have not missed!!!

So coolpcguy and Zoombas, no cake for you!!!


2 thoughts on “The Anand Shimpi meet!!

  1. Sathya says:

    Resize the damn pics >_>

  2. Saiyan says:

    I wish Anand was a girl 😀

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