Overclocking- why I do it? Why do I have the need to do it?


07/01/2010 by The Sorcerer

This is the question often somone who wants to be an overclocker gets from people- why?

Why do you want to overclock when processors and chipsets are so damn good and fast, why would you want so much power now? Why spend 5k on a processor and spend 3-4k on the heatsink fan (excluding the works and the time), when you just spend 8k directly and enoy the performance it offers without any fuss?

I ain’t going to say the cheesy sentence “Why not?”, even if one would sense that this is what I am trying to say after reading the entire blog.

Do you really need a reason to do something you love? Do you need a reason to love thing, hobby, people, life, objects, money, sex, etc? You do it because you love to do it? I rather do something that I love to do rather than do what others want and regret about it. There are people who do what they love and regretted it, but I am pretty confident till now that whatever I have chosen out of free will, I haven’t regretted anything yet. If people regret to do what they loved to do, that means they either did it for the wrong reasons, or didn’t love it.

People might say you’re just obsessed with it, I say people who spend a lot of money on hardware in the name of “overclocking” or “hardware enthusiasm” are the ones who are obsessed with it, and personally, they are a sad bunch of people in my opinion, who either try to vindicate/pacify themselves that spending more is the way to go or try to get a “salute”. That’s just plain crazy and stupid. Such people are not different from people who spend 15k atleast on a fully loaded phone, but only thing they end up doing is talk and text. Music you say? Majority of the people use those ipods and PMPs when they go for a walk or gym rather than use the fully loaded phone. Very few people who every performance and facilities their cellphone uses. It is such people who not only appreciate technology, but will develop their own instinctive characteristics to atleast choose the right product atleast for themselves in the future, if and/or when they require. I am not saying that all who appreciate hardware and uses it to the full potential are the ones who are hardware enthusiasts, but yeah that is usually the first step in being one.

I won’t deny it is a pretty expensive and time consuming hobby, depending on one’s “thirst” for doing it.I love what I do and I want to learn more. I just don’t want to “jump the gun” as I told Harshal pretty recently, of which I am pretty sure he has a good feeling what I am talking about. I was a gamer at first, but became a hardware lover like majority of the people started- curiosity. It all starts with a screw driver and opening the side panel. Dismantling, putting it back together making mistakes, learning about it, questioning themselves “what makes you tick?”. I loved gaming and I wanted to know how and why it worked! Such fascination evolved to a point that I loved about hardware. I want to know how much my firepower she (my system) can give? I wonder how will the hardware react and perform if i do couple of tweaks? where and how will it react? would I damage something? Is there is a way to compensate for that? If not, is the firepower worth the risk (usually it is)?

I love what I do, but at the same time I curious, which sort of makes sure my love for hardware lives for a long time, atleast compared to the odd-users. I hope, this day and date, next year, I still what I do, provided I do it much better than now. Is it a promise? Can’t say! But yeah, its a driving force.


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