A hole in the tray!!!


07/01/2010 by The Sorcerer

There have been numerous “recommendations” being made for a case. Some are reasonable while others are over-exaggerated or worse, gives your a giggle.

The source of the giggle? http://www.techenclave.com/pc-peripherals/what-full-tower-cabinet-should-i-156235.html#post1370940

Toolius says and I quote:

“The only Negative i can think of with this case is the missing hole in the MB tray for easy HSF removal”

Nice going genius!! Care to explain how to hold the backplate, secure/remove the screws and hold the hsf at the same time making sure to spread the thermal paste evenly and making sure the hsf doesn’t fall? You ya gonna call? Gordon freeman and his gravity gun?

I pmed Gannu and Shripad who both are using a full tower (lian li a70f) and its shripad who housed noctua u12pse2 and DH14.

Gannu said the following and I quote:


So true!

I dont even use that hole! Put my motherboard directly once the HS is installed.

Shripad replied a little later:

“Its a sham.
It does not work vertically on any cabinet

That hole only helps in installing the hsf without removing the mobo from the cabinet. But you have to put it flat somewhere ( bed / sofa preferably ), then put the top bracket in and then push the backplate in with one hand while securing initial screws from the top.
Thats the only way I can get it to work. I am not even comfortable installing heatsink while mobo is vertical as if I drop the heatsink by mistake it might take northbridge heatsink out

But I did manage to put on massive 1.3KG DH14 cooler without removing the mobo thanks to that hole in the back. Thats enough for me.”

I replied back, ofcourse not with the same tone of “voice” and I quote:

” Do you REALLY think its a negative point? Are you sure?? I doubted.
I taken a second opinion from Shripad and Gannu, out of both Gannu replied back and concurred with me with a “lol”.

I have a70f and it has the hole on the mobo tray, supposedly for easier installation (by putting the case vertically?) for the cpu heatsink and the backplate.

As far as installing hsf like noctua u12p se2 (or any heatsinks with a bolt thru kit. why would one need a hole for push pin type or a retention type hsf?) is pretty much useless to me! Why?

You try to install/remove/reinstall any hsf using bolt thrus by putting the case vertically,you end up hold the metal backplate from behind with one hand and hold the heatsink from the other side with another hand. Now either we have to grow another hand to secure the screws and hope that by installing it vertically that the paste is spread properly on all 4 corners or end up putting the case vertically and installing it, right?

Even if we do put the case vertically, we will still need to hold the backplate till we atleast put on screw on the bolt thru. So you either learn to do a balance temporarily, or make your life easier by removing the motherboard, Apply thermalpaste, secure the kit and put it back to the mobo tray.

But if there was no hole on the mobo tray behind the socket area, you don’t need to put your hand behind (depending on the depth between the mobo tray and the board) because even there is little space between the plate and the board, once you secure all 4 screws of the bolt thru kit, the backplate comes to its place where it belongs and thus making easier.”

Asingh made some hilarious comment, that I dare not to quote all them here. But its suffice to say that was desperately trying to prove that the motherboard hole was very benificial and made a doodle:

I don’t know about you guys, but it looks as if one guy is explaining another guy about doing a threesome by using this..erm..”diagram” from a (I don’t know) engineering book? Reminds me of a time when someone made a joke about making a point where he concludes that the law of gravity will hate you if you install your hard drive upside down (or was it side ways?). When you don’t know about a topic, shut down DUMBASS!!!!

It was pretty obvious after a point that he was trollposting, but his rave theories that are displayed on the forum enough to give people an opportunity to facepalm themselves.

So for those who think that the tray hole makes a difference, unless you have Gordon Freeman’s gravity gun and steady hands to balance the HSF during installation :P. But for those who say its a con, spread the word!

Speaking of bolt-thru kits, there was a bitter side of  a story on the same topic. The story started from The digit forums, but ended up concluding in techenclave. An untimely destruction, physical damage, due to improper tool being used:

The tragedy of the screws and backplate: the ignorance of the user

I quote the following words from speedyfreak:

“My friend of friend who is in Bangalore was thermalright 120 EXT for more than 4 months with AMD phenom 2 550 & sapphire HD 4850 , once he fitted TRUE 120 in the case never removed for once , in night suddenly a sound appeared TRUE 120 came out from the bracket straight down to the graphics card & the graphics card broken with crack .

I asked him on the phone some body striked ?? he told no body touched when they were sleeping the sound appeared – he told 4 months was good as it was !

Wat is this ?? i only told him to get the TRUE 120 now he is bothering me !! its strange ??”

It would seem strange, but after enough probing, its pretty obvious why it was damaged. This friend board was Asus  M4A78-EM and the following comment gave the clue of a possibility, other than another possibility that one did not secure it properly, and the user was over exaggerating that he did so properly.

“Mobo – M4A78-EM. AMD back plate only used default coming with mobo. But this is really strange but true , my bro checked his case the screws bearings were damaged . some thing had pushed – but the victim is telling that he never touch also appears to be true the dust is more likewise no finger prints he should not have opened for long time .

Now why would the spring screws get damaged? This strengthened the possibility that the motherboard plate made for this asus model does not have the same thickness/spacing between the thread, or its not strong enough. The blame did point towards the backplate, but I had to know myself. My biostar’s plastic backplate was out so I screwed one of the thermalright’s screw that my friend spared to see if it would fit, it didn’t. Even after making lot of turns, one can remove the screw by hand. I asked my friend who had the same board (unfortunatly he had the worst luck with this board all thanks to the bios), who used his true120e’s kit as well, but used the plate which he got with the hsf. He did screw them and did give some pressure over the screws using his hand. It didn’t come out just like how it came out of biostar’s backplate, but it shake itself out of its place. So the conclusion was obvious as its proven. Just because it fits, doesn’t means it is secured properly. It wasn’t the question of “If the heatsink will come out” but when.

So I did my 2 cents and said the following on the forums:

“M4A78-EM comes with a metal backplate, atleast one which I saw recently did. Infact, all amd boards which uses the retention type for stock heatsinks come with backplates. Some are metal whereas some are bundled with plastic backplate- like the biostar board.

And yeah he was using the same backplate which was bundled with the board, rather than using the one bundled with the heatsink: Digit’s Technology Discussion Forum – View Single Post – THermalright Ultra broken the Graphics card

But apparently the spring screws which is bundled with the true120e didn’t secure the heatsink properly using the same motherboard’s backplate that came with the board, but it did it just fine with thermalright’s backplate, as one should/would expect. They do fit, but its not strong enough to make sure they don’t come out because of true120e’s weight. So it just a matter of time that they will come out, making the heatsink to fall down. I did take picture between the aftermarket and the one which came with the board to show the comparison, but my camera’s macro isn’t good enough so its difficult to show the difference properly.

Just to clear it, I tried to secure the thermalright screw with a plastic counterpart of the default motherboard plate which comes with a nut rather than the thread mould, its even far worse. So no matter how properly you secure it, it will not be secured properly for long. In any case, as a wise friend taught me about after market heatsinks, one should be on the safer side by using the same screws and backplate which is bundled with the aftermarket heatsink, even if they fit.

Strange become facts and along comes a sentence that one could expect from another person out of ignorance:

“Finally , my brother saw it – its because of its threading in the screws slipped from the back plate because of the weight it cannot handle it. one side he kept so tight another side medium (thats y !!! make sense ) .

But any way the mounting kits are definitely not good for AMD !! He now bought core contact freezer which solidly mounted even after more shakes by himself still hard mounted”

Lol your friend did what now? He is an ignorant fool, doesn’t do what is supposed to be done and blames it on the heatsink? Oh great that’s awfully brave of him *sarcasm*. Oh look, he even bought another heatsink- bravo! As far as I’ve observed, people who usually say “Its strange but….” are usually ones who screwed it up, and try to bury it by using such flowery language.

There was one comical dialogue presented later by dOm1naTOr and I quote:

“I myself is was using the Asus metal AMD backplate on my biostar board, which came with a carbon fibre + plastic [with metal beedings] type of backplate, which i didnt trust as much the Asus metal one.”

And I am sure there will be more to follow suit. People can follow it from here


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