Holy crap BATMAN, You’re crapping on your suit!!!


06/01/2010 by The Sorcerer

Yeah!!! Imagine that!!! I out of all the people who is planning to blog.

I needed a place to dump everything I know and learnt & also needed a place to pour out my frustrations! People, great little things. Unfortunately some people are literally slow when it comes to the basics. Not that I am challenging their intelligence, but its pretty obvious that they are either faking it or seriously need professional help. Some of them, unfortunately, end up in technical forums. There are many types of samples

  • Sample #1: Ignorance is bliss

So this guy comes one fine day to our forums and asks for an advice about this system hardware. Oh yeah, we all ask that no shame about it. But Asking for advice is one thing, expecting a spoon in your mouth is a different ball game. It all started from here, then out of confusions ended up here and magically cross-posting all the way here

Despite giving a proper advice like giving advice to a 14 year old kid, he ended up buying something radically different, which ended up creating another problem over here.

Moral of the story: When you don’t know anything, admit you don’t know anything and keep that worthless ego aside for a moment. This is only when you can learn to take othe people’s advice properly.

  • Sample #2: The “Larsen and turbo” conspiracy engineers

There are many such examples, one of the famous ones I know of  is here

I shall quote some of this words in ascending order for the people who don’t want to read all that:

“for under 5K GCs you don’t need PSU which costs more than 800 bucks. especially since these GCs take power from mobo and not directly from psu.”

And strangely, he ends up saying this:

“by the way my mobo fried”

I don’t know about you guys, but even Mr. Spock would facepalm himself and start laughing. The comedy continues…

“I am a electrical & electronics engineer and know enough about the power supplies..”

“I can’t understand why we easily debate over value for money of the GCs, the mobos and the Procys…but not on PSUs.”

“Maybe you have all the money in trash cans, waiting to be spent on 5-star luxuries and recommend the same to others…rather than researching on new & upcoming models. Sheer waste of your knowledge!”

Then after making some progress, he finally understands:

“However, I have been able to test Zebo 450W, and POwersafe 450W on my EL380. This EL thing is a standard test meter for PSUs, in fact is used by some companies to give that OK sticker you find in PSU. The EL can simulate various load conditions and measure current, especially on 12 V rails. Will post all the details tommorow…However for now, I have to admit that Zebo does infact fails to whatever reputation I gave. The current consistency over the 6 hours period oscillates between 19 – 24 Amps…pretty bad. The PowerSafe has within the 22 – 24 bracket. I couldn’t loan my friend’s CM or Corair PSU, hence could not test those.”

I lol at the point where he proudly says “for now”.  He isn’t the only engineering dude who was corrected the hard way, but people, especially in India, seem to carry arrogance about their degrees first rather than practically testing it themselves and proving it scientifically if found wrong, they choose to have a verbal discussion and start bragging about degrees, experience, blah blah.

Now you might think why did I add the words “Larsen and turbo”. Well the story is from the techenclave forums

“I have completed BE in computer engineering from mumbai university and done hardware and networking and currently in larson and turbo from last 6 months to have enough knowledge.”

The “Larson and turbo man screenshot”

Later, which turned to be epic pwnage moment (not just 1, but multiple) by a legendary poster, bikey!!

The “Bikey strikes yet again”!

And like other idiots in the world, he blames it on “typo”. But the legend lives on with a dedication on the video:

Moral of the story: If you are caught lying on a forum and if you blame it on your typo, You will be idolized in videos and blogs, also becoming a laughing stock during weekly/monthly meets.


One thought on “Holy crap BATMAN, You’re crapping on your suit!!!

  1. vegeto says:

    awsome arti cle !!

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